AT&T is on My Bad List

this is an im losing moment about at&t

I’m Losing It

AT&T is on My Bad List

Their policy makes NO sound sense

-Julie Ryan Evans

woman screaming at a phoneI’m losing it … I’m so angry, I can barely contain myself after I just slammed the phone down on the AT&T customer service (HA!) representative … OK, you can’t really slam down a phone like in the old days, but I clicked it off really forcefully.

Let me back up … earlier this week I made the decision that it’s time for me to finally succumb and get a Crackberry, iphone or other PDA so that I don’t feel tethered to my laptop … heart palpitating when I’m gone from it too long. So I went to my local AT&T location where they told me of a great deal-I could buy a Blackberry for $99 or an iphone for $199, and it would only cost me an additional $30 a month for unlimited e-mail capacity. Not so great in these tight economic times, but not so bad either.

Ready to make the leap to the dark side, I sat down at the sales rep’s desk, and he said, “Well, let’s just see where you are on your plan…” And then he started telling me why I couldn’t actually get one of those deals. First of all, I’ve been a loyal AT&T customer for years and years. AND just a couple of months ago my phone broke, so I went in and got a new one – nothing fancy, just something to tide me over until I was able to decide if I was going the way of PDA.

The problem: NOBODY TOLD ME when I got that temporary phone and signed a new two-year contract that for TWO MORE years, I would have to pay FULL price (i.e. RIDICULOUSLY MARKED UP) for ANY phone – EVEN IF I want to upgrade!

So instead of the $99 bargain, I’d have to cough up more than $200 for a Crackberry and the iphone would come in at close to $400 – definitely NOT in my budget, and even if it was, WHY IN THE HELL DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A GOOD WAY TO DO BUSINESS?!

Let me get this straight? I’m willing to upgrade my service and pay $30 MORE per month to you ($360 over two years) which will MORE than make up for the discount you would give me AND you are telling me I can’t do this WHY? Ripping people off by overcharging them for phones is one thing, but this is just stupidity …

Thinking perhaps the young man helping me in the store didn’t have the experience or power to adjust this idiotic policy, I called customer service. After at least 10 minutes of going through my account, telling her my story and expressing my frustration, her answer: “Yes, he was right in the store. You can’t get a discounted phone.”

And of course, quitting AT&T at this point isn’t really an option either, because as she said, it would cost me $175 to cancel my contract!!! I feel trapped, tricked, stuck and spittin’ mad.

AT&T listen up, this is so not the way to win users and influence women – who by the way make most of the choices about these kind of things. Once I’m finally out of my two-year sentence, you can bet that it won’t be AT&T I sign up with again!

AND by the way, I just found someone to give me their old (but still quite new) PDA that will now be mine – you just lost out on a sale too!

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