Audrina Patridge: "Great Hair Can Make Your Look"

Audrina Patridge, former star of 'The Hills', dishes about her future plans and hair care routine.

Audrina Patridge: “Great Hair Can Make Your Look”

The former star of ‘The Hills’ dishes about her future plans and hair care routine.

-Diana Denza

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Many women know Audrina Patridge for her role in popular MTV reality series The Hills. And though the show came to an end in mid-July last year, this gorgeous starlet is hard at work making big plans for the future. We got a chance to chat with Audrina about where we’ll catch her next and how she keeps her hair looking silky smooth,because let’s face it: we totally covet those impeccable locks!

We caught up with Audrina shortly after she hosted the Unite Unveiled event benefiting the Keep A Breast Foundation on October 16 in San Diego. The event was a runway show featuring designs from Project Runway’s House of Estrada, Arturo Mendez, Jeffrey Parish and Hellen Nietzche.

You stuck with The Hills until the very end. How has that experience shaped who you are today?

It definitely made me more mature. I feel like I grew up a lot faster because of my experience on reality television. You really become a lot more aware of your surroundings, who you hang out with, and what you wear or do. Being in the limelight teaches you to be careful and wiser. But it’s hard. My life was in front of the cameras and I was expected to be a role model, but everyone makes mistakes. And there was a lot of pressure to give people what they wanted to see in front of the television and be entertaining.

You starred in The Hills and Audrina. Should we expect any more reality stints from you in the future?

Right now, I’m definitely happy I have my personal life back. I’ve been reading scripts for different movies and am even thinking about hosting television shows. I’m aspiring to be back on air sometime next year, but for now, I’m really focused on my life and my wellbeing.

You had a part in Sorority Row, a scripted horror film. Can you tell us a little about that experience?

Even though I was on The Hills, which was an unscripted reality show, acting has always been my dream! It’s why I moved to LA in the first place. I was lucky because the producers of The Hills were very understanding about my desire to act. I told them, ‘you have to let me do this!’ And they let me, of course. Being on set was so refreshing, because there was no drama. The cast and I got along so well. But it was a different experience, memorizing lines and getting into character. I wasn’t used to doing that on The Hills, but it was great.

What about a fashion line or beauty line?

I am very much the girly girl. A bathing suit or lingerie line is definitely on my radar for the near future. I’m going to start pushing for that soon!

What would your line be like?

I want a line that women can feel sexy in, no matter their body type. Every woman should feel sexy in lingerie and there would be a huge variety of styles in the line. The specifics still have to be developed, but that’s really what my ultimate goal is.

Looking back at The Hills, you were the only brunette lead on the show. How did you keep your hair looking so healthy, especially since you’re naturally a dirty blonde?

I always felt my hair was healthier as a brunette. The color gave my hair texture and shine at the roots, plus more body throughout. But I recommend the Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In Detangler ($26.25, shop, at night for women to keep their hair silky smooth. It’s one of my favorite products! I also love to air dry my hair for more waves and volume. Besides the occasional hair mask, I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my hair.

Your hair color always looks great. How can we avoid coloring slip ups?

I do get my hair professionally dyed, but I wait until the very last minute to get my color. Also, my color now is very natural. It’s not too far from my original color. Women who are new to dying their hair should try a color close to their natural shade to avoid huge mistakes.

Which products are essentials in your hair care routine?

I regularly use Bumble and Bumble dry hair shampoo to make my hair smooth and healthy, Oribe hairspray, and several Unite hair care products like the detangling spray and moisturizing shampoo ($27.25, These products help make my hair healthier and we all know that great hair can make your look!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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