Avoiding the Yoga Mat

these are tips on how to avoid avoiding the yoga mat and your workout

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Avoiding the Yoga Mat

Tips to avoid the lazies

-Jessica Ruby, Zen Zone

woman doing yogaHere’s something that might surprise you: Although I’m a card-carrying I-heart-yoga enthusiast, it’s sometimes difficult for me to maintain my at-home yoga practice! That’s right, my name is Jessica Ruby, and I’m a practicing yogini who, at times, does not practice!

So what gets in between my favorite purple yoga mat and my ability to pull it out and use it? Well, I can give you a laundry list of excuses: I woke up late; I need to answer my e-mail; I have too much work; I’m too tired when I get home; I need to eat now cuz I’m starving – so I can’t do yoga for a couple of hours, and then I’ll be wanting to go to bed, and I’m just too tired to do anything physical by then, not enough time … the dog ate my mat… Sound familiar? The great news is if you’ve ever run any of these excuses through your head, you’re not alone!

Here are some tips to help overcome the lazies, the procrastination excuses and the never-ending “there’s not enough time” inner dialog:

1. Create an affirmation around having the time and energy to practice. This is something you can repeat daily, even multiple times throughout the day. Make it your new mantra. Here’s an example: “I always have enough time and energy to practice yoga X times a week.”

2. Reframe your thoughts around creating/doing/maintaining a home yoga practice. Instead of seeing it as a chore that’s on your laundry list of things to do, consider your time on the yoga mat a form of self-care. Indulge in that time for yourself!

3. Try to pick one time of day to practice, and stick to your schedule. Even if you have to write in your daily planner “9 a.m. self-care yoga practice.” This helps you create consistency, which makes it easier to follow, as you’ll always know when your yoga time is coming up.

4. Don’t make it too daunting for yourself. Know what you can and will follow and what is too much for you. Nobody’s asking you to be the super yogini. Remember: This is self-care time, not punishment time. Even stretching for 20 minutes counts as self-care time. Do what works for you and your schedule. It might be different from your neighbor or coworker, and that’s OK!

5. Be compassionate with yourself whenever you miss a day. Face it, you’re human, as in NOT super yogini! If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world or proof that you’re a failure. Perhaps not practicing that day was your act of self-care.

Yes, ladies, you can have your yoga practice and follow it too!

Gimme your best excuse – let ‘er rip! I want to hear why you avoid the

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  1. How does she do it?! Hmmmm????? How does she get in my head and know my “excuse for the day”? Thanks for the compassionate nudge and getting me back on the mat.

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