Baby Stuff You Don't Need

These are 10 unique finds you may want to purchase for your little bouncing bundle of baby.
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Baby Gear

Baby Stuff You Don’t Need

10 crazy baby products

-Julie Ryan Evans

The baby gear industry is booming with heaps of baby stuff you NEED less you run the risk of raising an uneducated, disease-ridden, non-social being. These ever-entertaining products range from the unnecessary to the ridiculous to the flat out scary. Here are 10 of the ones most likely to make you ask, really?

Baby Fan

1. The Baby Bottom Fan I get the fight against diaper rash, but really? A fan designed to dry your baby’s bottom after each change … AND it comes complete with a “perfume dispensing function.” How I’ve survived without one this long, I have no idea.


2. The Thudguard Though children have been learning to walk for thousands of years, now your child needs a helmet to do so. Perhaps they should just wear one until they’re 18 in case they trip at any time? Come to think of it, perhaps they should have a special line for college students to protect them as they perform keg stands and such.


3. Nosefrida, the snotsucker I’ve never been all that skilled at wielding a nasal aspirator, but this is just gross. You put one end in your child’s nose, one end in your mouth and … suck. As doctor-endorsed, hygienic and effective as it may be, I just couldn’t go there.

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0 thoughts on “Baby Stuff You Don't Need

  1. Referencing the Thudguard, I don’t mean to sound argumentative, however, the author of this article could use a history lesson. In the 1700’s the American colonists regularly made their babies wear “puddin’ caps”. Puddin’ caps were a little cloth hat stuffed with straw that toddlers wore when they were learning to stand and walk, so that when the babies fell and hit their heads, their brains would be protected. This way they wouldn’t become a puddin’ head! There just might be some wisdom to the Thudguard. I think that if college students are doing keg stands it’s probably too late to protect their brains from damage from falling. They are obviously already puddin’ heads!

  2. I wish you’d added those Hummer-size “strollers” that bump into counter-display products, can’t get through doors parents are determined to get them through, and run over the feet of the elderly and disabled on public buses and trolleys.

  3. I actually have a tummy tub. We’ve got a 1 month old who lets us know all the time YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT! She takes a bath without a peep. So I agree with all the other items on the list, but that stupid bucket has saved me from losing my hearing permanently.

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