Baby Talk for Kate Middleton!

Just like any newlywed, starting a family isn't far from Kate Middleton's thoughts.

Baby Talk for Kate Middleton!

Just like any newlywed, starting a family isn’t far from Kate Middleton’s thoughts.

-Kenneth Thapoung

 Kate Middleton

The world just got over congratulating the royal newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, for their fairytale wedding. But soon we may have a new obsession reason to celebrate … an addition to the royal family.

Kate Middleton Canada

According to, while touring Quebec City, Kate paid special attention to all the children present. The Duchess was presented a bouquet of flowers by 2-year-old Raffaela, who was accompanied by her father, David Cheater. Cheater left his preggers wife at home to attend a ceremony honoring Canada’s Royal 22nd Regiment (and, no doubt get a glimpse of Kate’s famous allure).

According to Cheater, “Kate said to me, ‘What a beautiful daughter you have.’ ” The Duchess then laid her hand on the Raffael’s head.

And then!

“When I said to her I wished her and William well with starting their own family, she said, ‘Yes, I hope to,'” David revealed to (drooling, no doubt) reporters.

Hmm, what baby name would suit the couple’s royally pristine lifestyle? Let’s not bring back England’s long line of Georges!

Kenneth Thapoung is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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