BCBG's Lubov Azria Shares Her Summer Office Style Tips and Tricks

As Chief Creative Officer of the BCBGMaxAzria Group, Lubov Azria knows a thing or two about looking stylish at the office while beating the heat!
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BC: How can working women look chic in the office while beating the heat?

LA: Take classic elements and pair them with something fresh and modern. Pair a pencil skirt with a button front blouse or fun pants with a blazer and tank underneath. Add a bright dash of color for an authoritative statement.

BC: What are some tips for buying summer work clothes?

LA: Color-blocking and wearing eye-catching colors, like reds, oranges and pinks. Stay away from shades that bring you down, like dark gray.

BC: How can you let your personal style shine through in the office without going overboard?

LA: Women should use accessories to personalize their look. I typically start with BCBG and then combine the look with additional elements to make it my own. I tend to express my personal style with bold accessories such as an oversized belt, statement shoes (platform styles are most comfortable) or interesting jewelry.

BC: Is there something women should never wear to the office?

LA: Be mindful of showing too much skin! 

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BC: How would you describe the BCBGMaxAzria brand?

LA: BCBGMaxAzria is the definition of a lifestyle brand, and our collection extends to all women. After all, every woman needs a great tunic, and believe me, we have it!

BC: What type of women wear the BCBG lines?

LA: We are designing for every woman. Our focus has always been to make women look and feel fabulous while keeping the process of getting dressed effortless. Our women do it all and need chic, easy options that match their fast-paced lives. BCBGMAXAZRIA provides sophisticated and wearable pieces that address all aspects of a woman’s lifestyle and lets her feel confident and beautiful in every moment of her day. It is luxurious, tasteful and chic. The brand embodies a true combination of European sophistication and American spirit.

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BC: You and Max are quite the power couple. Is there ever a time when your visions clash?

LA: We have an immense level of respect for each other. Max is a visionary, and I’m detail-oriented. We’re each other’s support and love, and that’s why we make a great team.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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