Bedroom Nightmares

this is about gordon ramsay cheating on his wife


Bedroom Nightmares

 Oh, Gordon . . . how could you?

-Judy McGuire

gordon ramsayTsk, tsk . . . it’s always the ones who talk a great game that fall the hardest. First Eliott “law and order” Spitzer gets popped putting it to a hooker. Smarmy John Edwards couldn’t praise his cancer-stricken wife enough, but then copped to stepping out, using the excuse that his wife’s cancer was in remission, so it was a-ok.

Now it appears that Kitchen Nightmares’ celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay is the latest celebrity sleeparound. According to a story in the Daily Mail Ramsay has been having a fling with 38-year-old Sarah Symonds for the past seven years; the pair’s latest get together happening last week during an amyl-nitrate-fueled tryst at a hotel that houses one of Ramsay’s restaurants. Yikes.

This wouldn’t be quite as shocking if Ramsay hadn’t always been talking up his perfect life with his awesome wife. He was even voted Celebrity Father of the year in 2006.

So far Ramsay and his wife have refused comment, but it’s hard to imagine that a big-mouthed lout such as himself would take it quietly if he were being falsely accused. Symonds is best known for bedding married author/Tory, Jeffrey Archer and writing a book called Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman, which she promoted on Oprah.

Just a tip, Gordo, if you’re going to have an affair, don’t do it with a woman who has made a career out of sleeping with married men.

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