Beetle Scare: More Similac Cans Recalled

Total number of recalled products is 5 million.

Beetle Scare: More Similac Cans Recalled

Total number of recalled products is 5 million.

-Jane Farrell

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The manufacturer of Similac has added another product to its list of recalled powder infant formula.

Abbott Laboratories, manufacturer of the formula, now includes a 22-ounce container of Go & Grow Milk Early Shield Powder (lot no. 93773T20), according to The Christian Science Monitor. The company released its initial list last week after beetle parts were found in a small percentage of the powdered formula.

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The newspaper found the new item on the list after checking the company’s website. Parents can look at the complete list at Although the list was updated Sunday, parents will still have to compare it with the list released earlier last week to make sure they haven’t missed any products that are being recalled.

Since the recall was announced, Abbott has been flooded with calls and visits to its website. As a result, the company said on Monday that it was “increasing its call center resources” as well as the bandwidth of its site. (Christian Science Monitor; Abbott)

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  1. Breastfeeding is the optimal means for a mother to deliver nutrition to her infant child. However with so many American women passing up on nursing for career or medical reasons, infants are forced toward a different food source. Thus, formula feeding has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. When something like the Similac recall 2010 comes along, the implications are even more frightening under current circumstances.’s pediatrics consultant indicates that Similac parent business Abbott Laboratories has also been slow to respond with the information frightened mothers and fathers need.

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