Best and Worst Fashion Trends of 2008

these are the betty picks for best and worst 2008 fashion trends - do you love it or will you leave it?

Betty’s New Year Countdown

Best and Worst Fashion Trends of 2008

From boyfriend jeans to liquid leggings: Love it or leave it?

-Lois Joy Johnson

Yesterday we covered the Best and Worst BEAUTY trends of 2008 … now we bring you the FASHION hits and misses!

BEST Fashion Trends of 2008 (LOVE IT! Thanks, designers!)

Olympic swimmer’s onesiesNike please make them for us.

Carla Bruni

The new classic Eurochic – Carla Bruni, Kate Middleton, thank you!
Boyfriend jeans so we can eat and not resort to sweatpants.
Opaque pantyhose returns, denser, in colors too, no more bare legs till spring!
Platform shoes and booties add inches but take the pressure off.
Draped and cowl neck tops to flatter and layer.

debra messing

Belts at the waist so our gym efforts are not in vain, even with chunky knits and tailored dresses.
Grandpa cardigans were the new pashmina adding camouflage for skinny jeans and  bare dresses.
Big statement necklaces made accessorizing easy and gave our ears a rest.
Feminine ruffled or bow blouses in silks and chiffon made wearing pants fun again.

WORST Fashion Trends of 2008 (Leave it! What were they thinking?)

Liquid leggings – even if it was 1984 … no-no.
Puff shoulders feel little girly on buff toned bodies over 14.

spencer pratt and heidi montag

Clunky chunky wedges turn even slim legs and feet to hoofs.
Buffalo plaid shirts – get over it.
Vests – trying too hard and if you have boobs forgetaboutit.

celebrities wearing jean shorts and tights

Jean shorts over black opaque tights: WHY?
Dolmans and batwings – yes they hide muffin tops but honestly.
Super-skinny jeans – why not just put yourself out of your misery and wear leggings, bootcuts or see above?

What did you love this year? And what are you happy to leave behind?

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0 thoughts on “Best and Worst Fashion Trends of 2008

  1. i agree, liquid leggings were a horrible trend…but i actually dont think that dolman and batwing sleeves should be ruled out as a bad trend…when worn properly, they can be really cute!

  2. I like the jean shorts over black hose. Of course, I like anything with black hose. I always wear them, regardless of whatever else I wear (unless I’m wearing full-length pants, of course).

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