Bethenny Frankel Puts Her Pretty Little Foot Down

The east coast diva pulls a 'do as I say, not as I do.'

Bethenny Frankel Puts Her Pretty Little Foot Down

Did the east coast diva just pull a “do as I say, not as I do”?

-Carolyn French

Bethenny Frankel with Bryn

Will Bethenny Frankel’s 2-month-old daughter Bryn headline her very own reality series one of these days? Sure, maybe when pigs fly, according to Mama Frankel.

The Real Housewives of New York City star recently confessed to being “traumatized” over the thought of her lovely bambina causing a ruckus on primetime.

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“I will kill somebody,” Bethenny semi-seriously stated at the East Harlem Target store opening last week. “Not her, but I will kill somebody.”

Uh, thanks for clearing that up hun!

We are pleased to hear Mrs. Frankel doesn’t fancy her child following in her footsteps, but shouldn’t she take Bryn off her new show (Bethenny Getting Married?) if she feels that way? (People)

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Puts Her Pretty Little Foot Down

  1. She is all about being in front of the camera, etc. No one should be surprised that she’d use her daughter for more publicity. She said she wanted a marriage and child and now has them but doesn’t seem to have a problem with putting them second tolet 15 minutes of fame. She used to be entertaining but he last season of the Housewives she became nasty and vile to everyone.

  2. TY Rosie ME TO I absolutely LOVE HER!!!! and I loved last season of the housewives Ramona’s colors did really show in that season I loved Ramona the first season but after she put people on speaker and goes around who is really around her made me side with Bethanny ALL THE WAY LOVE HER LOVE HER SHOW and she’s not the only women on TV with her husband and kids GET A GRIP PEOPLE!

  3. She’s not as fabulous as people think. I work in publishing (Remember, Bethenny wrote a couple of books) and have seen her publicist often crying after a talk with Bethenny. She’s not so nice.

  4. Re Jill being a buzzkill? It takes one to know one. If Jill is a buzzkill, Bethenny is a deballer – she attacks everyone and everything to get ehat she wants. She is really a hateful person and she needs to see that therapist of hers a lot more often than once a week (like every day!)

  5. Past season of Housewives, Bethanny was not mean, she was the victim of everyone else being nasty and vile!! She was a newer and softer, but always witty Bethenny. I love that Jason is so normal and so loving, he is such a better mate than her previous boyfriends. Confident and NORMAL, I do love the show and her friends. He gives her such balance and coming from a broken, disfunctional home, she craves that. I love Bethenny. P.S. Bethenny, I have much respect on how you handled being attacked by everyone this season, from Ramona, to Jill, to Kelly. You changed, you became softer, but they became more mean!!! I think they thought they had to to keep up with you. If only they just were real, true friends. Time spent apart is nothing in the scheme of life and I don’t think it was even bad to say that Jill needed a hobby. It was not THAT mean, it was true!!!

  6. I hope that poor baby don’t grow up to be as hideous and monster looking as she does.
    I feel bad for her, Her husband seems gay to me. I think it’s gonna come out sooner or later.

  7. I normally do not take any time to comment on anything but I had to on Bethenny I am a single mom with to kids and have came from a terrible past myself I think when it comes to Bethenny she is a strong independent women who says what is on her mind I believe there are people out there that have a problem in general with strong women and people who are suvivors in life they are called haters. As a women she has every right to get angry and say whats on her mind she is human and one other thing I wanted to say over all the talk over her loosing her baby weight I lost my weight after both of my kids it happens everybody is different so to all the haters stop the hate no better yet don’t. It can be good motivation.

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