Bette Midler is a Gossip Betty!

The Divine Miss M went digging for dirt about Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson's mom

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Bette Midler is a Gossip Betty!

The Divine Miss M went digging for dirt about Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson’s mom

– Kelly Will

Bette MidlerStars, they really are just like us! When Bette Midler caught up with Ann Dexter Jones, the mother of DJ Samantha Ronson, she sneakily tried to find out the latest scoop on Sam and her on/off girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan.

An insider tells me that Bette (who briefly worked with Lindsay on her 2000 TV show) tried to skirt around the issue, asking Ann how all of her kids were doing before trying to get more specific. “Ann thought it was hysterical that Bette cared and paid any attention to the young girls,” my source says. “Bette was trying to ask on the sly, without actually specifically saying Lindsay and Sam. Finally Ann just said, ‘Bette, are you asking me if Lindsay and Sam are back together?'”

“Ann honestly never knows exactly what is happening from minute to minute with those two, so she just told Bette what she knew, which is that Sam wants to stay friends and loves Lindsay, but Lindsay is very attached. She said that Sam has trouble not giving in to what Lindsay wants but they are broken up. Ann thought it was so funny. She couldn’t believe Bette Midler cared about Lindsay and Sam.”

Insiders tell me that Ann and her daughter Charlotte Ronson (Sam’s twin sister) are really against Lindsay and Sam reuniting. They think it’s an unhealthy relationship but since Sam still may not be completely done with the fiery redhead, Charlotte has set down an edict that she will never hang out with Lindsay Lohan again, even if they do get back together.

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