Betty Games: Get Medieval with 'Garden Wars'!

Get your medieval on with the tower defense Betty Game 'Garden Wars'!

Betty Games: Get Medieval with ‘Garden Wars’!

Get your medieval on with the tower defense Betty Game ‘Garden Wars’!

-Lucia Peters


Here’s the deal: Your grandmother has a fantastic garden. No, really—it’s spectacular. But oh noes! Hoards of nasty, horrible, mean-spirit insects have gotten it into their heads that they’d like to take over your grandmother’s garden and claim it for their own! Subsequently, they’re marching forth from their grubby little insect hideaways. They’re coming. And the only thing standing in their way… is YOU.

That’s right. Because you are an excellent grandchild, you have stepped up to command your grandmother’s forces to repel these loathsome insects. Armed with a whole bunch of snazzy toys and some delightful little elves, you shall make your stand! No further will those insects go! BACK, FELL BEASTS!

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And that, my friends, is the Betty Game known as Garden Wars. The gamers among you will recognize this as a tower defense game: Before the start of each level, you’ll have time to place your toys and elves, all of which have unique abilities geared towards forcing back the onslaught of insects. Then, once the insects start coming, you’ll have to keep working on your defenses to keep them from reaching the garden. It’s sort of like Plants Vs. Zombies, but with a plague of locusts instead of the shambling undead.

Feel like giving Garden Wars a shot? Come on. You know you want to. Because who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of elves and gardening implements squash the life out of a whole bunch of bugs?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor. She’s fortifying her defenses and getting ready to get medieval on your butts.

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