Betty Games: Get Retro with Pac-Man-esque 'Parrot'!

Dig Pac-Man? Then you'll adore Parrot. Nostalgia alert!

Betty Games: Get Retro with Pac-Man-esque ‘Parrot’!

Dig Pac-Man? Then you’ll adore Parrot. Nostalgia alert!

-Lucia Peters


Quick! You’re a tiny little creature, and you’re running around a board. You need to eat every single dot that is present on the board before getting caught by these weird multi-colored ghost things. If the ghosts eat you, it’s game over; but if you manage to nom on one of the circular discs hidden in the corners of the board before running into the ghosts, you can eat them instead. Oh, yeah, and there’s fruit. Because fruit is good for you.

Sound familiar? It should—because it’s that grand old arcade classic, Pac-Man. Incidentally, it’s also a Betty Game, and it’s called Parrot. I don’t know about you guys, but I have scores of fond memories of spending hours in my local arcade/bowling alley when I was a kid, feeding quarter after quarter into the Pac-Man machine. I liked the idea of being a ghost-hunting circle with a mouth, and I still get all nostalgic when I think about it. This is probably why I find Parrot so addicting.

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But it gets even better! These days, it’s hip to be all retro with your gaming, as Scott Pilgrim would no doubt tell you. So who knows? Maybe having an intimate knowledge of Pac-Man/Parrot will help you score a hot date. Time to give it a shot? I think so. Go forth, my friends! Parrot awaits!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor. She is well aware that Pac-Man was originally called Puk-Man, and that it was changed due to the potential for some questionable graffiti happening to the P.

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