Betty Goes to the Sex and the City 2 Premiere!

Oh what an evening it was for everyone's four favorite ladies.
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Betty Goes to the Sex and the City 2 Premiere!

Oh what an evening it was for everyone’s four favorite ladies.



An endless parade of girls in their faux-Manolos and Dior-inspired gowns from Daffy lined up at Radio City Music Hall Monday night. They were so cute, so hopeful and so eager to please the cute boys they brought with them– who of course were eyeing the other cute boys in the audience. Don’t do it girls, let the gay boys go!

But you didn’t click to read about the girls in the cheap seats. The much-anticipated Sex and the City 2 premiered at last, and NYC’s own Fab Four made their way back to the big screen. This time they brought some friends. Donald Trump didn’t fire anyone tonight, fresh off the newly wrapped Celebrity Apprentice. R&B singer Ashanti was stunning! Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis dazzled in their frocks, but it was Sarah Jessica Parker’s yellow Valentino that stole the spotlight. Frothy, billowy, and gorgeous, she glowed when she entered Radio City.

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Men of SATC 2

For the record, Jason Lewis, Chris Noth, and John Corbett are still scrumptious in person, on screen…anywhere…(I can be ready in five, boys!)

On screen our women did not disappoint, dressed in Dior and Halston and paired with vintage skirts, giving their men (as Carrie did) a classic Rolex from 1968, this new incarnation of our favorite series isn’t about indulgence (plenty of that in the movie, but with a price). Looks like AMC’s Mad Men may have inspired our favorite gal pals.

Why mention classic and vintage when discussing Sex In The City 2 of all things? The series and first film was love letters to new fashions, new trends, new attitudes and anything else that’s new. New is well and good in the world of Carrie & Company, but something classic and comfortable is wearing our women down.

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  1. Wow this got me so excited to see the film. And I am going gaga over the colors of SJP and Kristin Davis’ premiere dresses. Just fabulous and so perfect for the season. I wonder who dressed them… Pat Field perhaps?

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