Betty on The News: Top Stories: Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman and more

Betty on The News: Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman in America and more.
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Betty on the News: Top Stories

Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman in America, Michael Jackson’s doctor’s office raided, babies understand dogs and more

-Kathy Campbell and Carolyn French

Jon Stewart most trusted newsman in America

In the wake of Walter Cronkite’s death, Time magazine asked in an online poll: Who is America’s most trusted newscaster? The winner was Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart

The Daily Show‘s anchor beat out Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams, winning the poll with 44 percent of the 9,409 votes. In an election night-style interactive map, Time even broke the poll down into a state-by-state match up. Bad news for Katie Couric. She only won one state: Iowa. (Time)

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0 thoughts on “Betty on The News: Top Stories: Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman and more

  1. So funny that he’s the most trusted! I remember him as the funny comedian type guy from way back when — wasn’t he on like mtv or something like that?!

  2. Actually both Stewart and Colbert do actually have a lot of real news stories. They just joke about certain parts of speeches or opinions but they tell audiences a lot about current events in the political scene in ways that younger people find interesting. And the way Stewart exposed Jim Cramer and ripped him a new one? Truly a brilliant moment in news history.

  3. I’m delighted the Jackson children now have a surrogate mom to love and care for them, someone they already love and know. Katherine is too old to raise young kids, but this leaves old belt-buckle Joe out of the picture entirely, and, since he was already evaluating the children’s entertainment (read $$$) potentials, it’s good that he won’t have a word to say about their futures. Let them if they want to; they’ll find their way with real love and a comfortable homelife they can depend on.

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