Betty Says No… To Ke$ha's Faux Hawk!

This look has got to go.

Betty Says No… To Ke$ha’s Faux Hawk!

This look has got to go.

-Carolyn French


OK, Ke$ha, we get it. You’re out there and odd and totally incapable of penning a tune that holds any real merit (“Boy, I’ve been sipping on juice/And this and now I’m stuck on you”).

But was this horrendous display at last night’s Hot Hollywood bash necessary? Did you really think that the electrocution-by-blow-dryer look was sexy?

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And in case there was any chance of us forgetting that you’re a total bada$$, you provided a friendly reminder…


What is it that Ke$ha’s faux hawk reminds us of? Oh yes!

Foghorn Leghorn

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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