Betty Says No… To Miley Cyrus' Cover-Up

Why so shy, Miley?

Betty Says No… To Miley Cyrus’ Cover-Up

Why so shy, Miley?

-Faye Brennan

Miley Cyrus

Here’s Miley Cyrus leaving Gemini Salon in New York City yesterday. We don’t know about you, but we can’t tell why Miley felt the need to cover her face with her sweater. Is she hiding out after the frenzy from the Perez Hilton upskirt shot? Or does she just hate the way her hair came out?

Usually a girl wants to show off her hair when leaving a salon.

Miley Cyrus

Either way,  someone working for the Disney star probably should’ve told her to pull up her shirt. Miley, your “I’m not slutty” defense loses its value when you flash a bra like that — all leopard and lace.

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You should stop lying to yourself and your fans. If you’ve got that inner tigress in you (which, we all know you do), we think you should just let it out. Obviously, it’s getting harder and harder for you to conceal, so why make it so difficult for yourself?

Sure, you may get dropped by Disney and your other teeny-bopper endorsements, but at least you’ll be being honest! Won’t that feel good?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Betty Says No… To Miley Cyrus' Cover-Up

  1. Her mother is probably VERY frustrated with trying to talk sense into her little daughter’s head and having Miley go against her wishes and do whatever she wants! (Like acting slutty!) All girls about that age try different things and Miley is obviously the same. The only trouble is,Miley is in public and, like it or not, she IS a definite role model for young girls who want to be just like her. So, it would really be nice if she could behave herself and keep that “inner tigress” buried for now, since she IS an idol to so many kids! I’m all for keeping it IN, Miley, at least for a few more years, ok?

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