Betty Says No to Stealing Robert Pattinson's Hair

And don't even think about paying money for it, either.

Betty Says No to Stealing Robert Pattinson’s Hair

And don’t even think about paying money for it, either.

-Faye Brennan

Robert Pattinson

This is why men think we are crazy. Seriously, only a crazed Robert Pattinson-obsessed girl would actually steal his hair. That, or someone who is so desperate, they’re willing to do anything for cash, no matter how creepy or shameless it is. is reporting that locks of Rob’s hair went missing after he got a haircut last week in between his TV appearances on Oprah and Ellen. His shorter ‘do is for his new role in Water for Elephants, but apparently, someone saw it as a great money-making opportunity.

Limelife has been checking auctioning sites like eBay to see if the missing hair shows up for sale, and Hollywood Life is even polling readers to find out how much they would pay to own the heartthrob’s locks.

We’re all for swooning over a Hollywood hottie, but Betty says no to anything involving stealing or selling something that was once growing out of them. Get a grip, people! This takes stalking to a whole new level, and makes anyone who would be interested in buying Rob’s hair look extremely pathetic.

There are much better things to spend your money on. So, if Rob’s locks do surface, and if they are for sale, do us a favor, and don’t even think about bidding on them, OK? Stroking and sniffing Rob’s dead, lifeless strands won’t get you any closer to him. In fact, it will probably push him far, really far, away. (Limelife, Hollywood Life)

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