Betty Takes Fashion Week: Retro Looks at Milly and More!

Plus, PJ dishes on impractical swimwear at Gottex and the well-placed snack truck.
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PJ on Milly:
So, like the weirdest thing happened to Jene and me before the Milly show. We’re in our seats, minding our own business; one of us looks up and realizes that Ramona Singer from the Real Housewives of New York is standing in front of us having her photo taken. After the photographer walks away, I say, “Excuse me, Ramona? Hi. We’ve met a few times before, I’m PJ from BettyConfidential and this is Jene Luciani, the author of The Bra Book. I think you’ve met her.” She looked at me with laser eyes, shook Jene’s hand, looked at me again and stalked off. Jene and I looked at each other and said collectively, “Huh?” I mean, we were both really polite. Ah well. At least she didn’t fry us with her laser eyes.

And now on to the show! Forget all the rules your mom told you about not mixing prints and keeping certain colors very far away from each other! Milly says, “Who cares! Go, have fun with fashion! Play!” And her clothing literally sang down the runway. The vibe was exuberant and retro, think How to Marry A Millionaire and That Girl in a blender.

Once again, we’re revisiting the past and this time, it’s a kicky tribute. Matching bags and shoes marched down the runway with floral, wild geometric prints, stripes and solids all together and working fabulously. Jewelry, accessories (bags, glasses, belts, shoes) are all from Milly. Together, they created a painting of fashionably quirky career woman.

Check out the final model parade from the show:

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  1. its my dream to be able to go to fashion week.. i loved this inside look at the fashions ( and crazy swimsuits) i would definitely not wear cap sleeves to the pool!

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