Betty Visits the If I Can Dream House

Meet the cast of Simon Fuller's Hulu creation, 'If I Can Dream.'
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Betty Visits the If I Can Dream House

Meet the cast of Simon Fuller’s Hulu creation, ‘If I Can Dream.’

-Mariana Bell

If I Can Dream cast

I sat down in the “Dream House” last week for a chat with 4 cast members from the Hulu/IFC exclusive program, If I Can Dream, created by American Idol founder, Simon Fuller. Alex, Ben, Kara and Giglianne gave Betty the scoop on life under 24-hour surveillance as they try to make it big in Hollywood.

Meet Ben. He’s the boyishly handsome, but green actor. Meet Giglianne, willowy, sultry and brooding model (both of whom starred in Orianthe‘s latest music video). Alongside them was Kara, den mother, pretty and poised. Finally there’s the cocksure young one of the bunch, Alex who joined the house after a stint on American Idol. With over 60 cameras constantly on this team of talent, as well as an edited weekly show on Hulu, daily twitter sessions with fans, we chatted about everything from celeb visits to life as a rookie in the biz.

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Have you settled into a routine here yet?
Alex: There’s never a routine. It’s always crazy and you never know what you’re going to do each day. We get our schedule by the week and a lot of things change.
Ben: It’s great, I feel like we’re all comfortable and used to it. We’re all ourselves. You still always know the cameras are there, but you just can’t care about it.

How do you feel viewers perceive you?
Giglianne: I’m being perceived more negatively—like this boring person who doesn’t really do much.

Boring, really? I heard something about 6 a.m. a few nights ago. That didn’t sound boring.
Giglianne: Just that once. Otherwise, I’m being portrayed as lazy. I’m a model. I’m not an actor or a musician. I can’t walk 24-7 down my hallway with heels.
Kara: I just try to back off from reading the feedback. It really can mess you up. You can’t just take the good and you can’t just take the bad. So, it’s a healthy balance of taking everything with a grain of salt.

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