Betty's Weekly Diet/Fitness Dish: Botox and Glee

Plus freeze your fat off and more!
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Betty’s Weekly Diet/Fitness Dish: Botox and Glee

Plus freeze your fat off and more!

-Jane Farrell

Charice Pempegnco

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Charice got Botox before appearing on Glee

Is 18 too young to get Botoxed? Not if you’re Charice Pempegnco, the teenager who made her first appearance on Glee this week as Sunshine Corazon, a Filipina exchange student. Charice, whose voice has wowed Oprah Winfrey and Josh Groban, acknowledged that she got Botox injections as well as a treatment called thermage, which tightens the skin. We’re not really sure exactly why Charice got the treatment: Her surgeon, Vicki Belo, told the Orange County Register that both the Botox and thermage were meant to contour Charice’s face and give her a cute “apple-cheek look.” But the teenager’s publicist said it was meant to treat jaw pain. As for us, we’d rather just focus on her amazing voice. (Orange County Register)

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  1. I’m 26 and I get Botox injections to treat muscle spasms, jaw pain/stiffness, and migraines. I’ve never even considered using it to treat the few wrinkles I possess, and I’m fairly certain I never will — no matter how wrinkly I get in the future. I have no idea why the Glee girl did it, but let’s not assume that any young person who gets Botox injections must be foolish and vain.

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