Your Lucky, Romance, and Betty Days of February 2009

These are your Betty, Romantic, and Lucky days for the month of February!

Your Lucky, Romance, and Betty Days of February 2009

Welcome to the month of February! Read on to find out your three big days this month…

Betty Day: Today’s your day to empower yourself. Instead of limiting yourself and settling for second best, take control and be all that you can be. Nothing will be impossible today with your renewed confidence. Take a moment before you leave the house and ask yourself how you would like your day to go, and then act on this vision. See, hear, feel and do what is necessary to achieve your goals today.

Lucky Day: Ever hear the expression, “Everything you touch will turn to gold”? Well, today is your lucky day. You are simply amazing on all fronts – business, personal, prosperity and wealth. Money will be found in the most unexpected places. The universe and you are one.

Romance Day: Your eyes are sparkling with love. Not only for your partner, friends and family, but also for yourself. Today, you can expect to be showered with love. Show your appreciation and pass out hugs as if they were water. Thank everyone who crosses your path, and tonight, show your special someone that you still have it. You are da bomb!

Betty Day 12
Lucky Day 21
Romance Day 9

Betty Day 11
Lucky Day 14
Romance Day 22

Betty Day 17
Lucky Day 11
Romance Day 8

Betty Day 23
Lucky Day 1
Romance Day 18

Betty Day 9
Lucky Day 19
Romance Day 15

Betty Day 6
Lucky Day 10
Romance Day 21

Betty Day 16
Lucky Day 18
Romance Day 2

Betty Day 19
Lucky Day 3
Romance Day 7

Betty Day 22
Lucky Day 4
Romance Day 13

Betty Day 1
Lucky Day 24
Romance Day 17

Betty Day 10
Lucky Day 15
Romance Day 24

Betty Day 21
Lucky Day 8
Romance Day 14

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