Betty's Mistletoe Picks of Hot Celeb Dads

this is betty's list of who they'd like to find under the mistletoe


The Bettys’ Mistletoe Picks!

Celeb dads we’d like to snag under that holiday foliage

-Stephanie Elliot

mistletoeSitting around the Betty cyber-conference table the other day, we all got to talking about our favorite DAD celebrities, those baby-toting men we might want to grab hold of under the mistletoe if given a chance. The answers were across the board, some of them off-the-wall, but very well thought out!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, we bring you The Bettys’ Celebrity Dad Mistletoe Picks:

Julie: David Beckham … his body is flawless and the accent is a nice touch; Matthew McConaughey because I’ve always loved him.

Matthew McConaughey

Megan: Christian Bale and Johnny Depp

Michele: McDreamy


Monica: I am SO with Michele on that one! McDreamy is Yum-a-licious!

April: After CAREFUL consideration and much deliberate thought … I pass on Johnny Depp because I just can’t imagine competing with Vanessa Paradis. But Mrs. Hugh Jackman – look out! The Australian accent just puts it over the TOP for me.

And my runner up: Christian Bale … purr! So talented AND sexy! Plus – again – the yummy accent…

christian bale

[Editor’s note: April’s into those men with accents!]

Judy: Bruce Springsteen, Steve Buscemi – I love him! And he has a child! He also used to be a fireman.

[Editor’s note: It’s a good thing Steve Buscemi used to be a firefighter because he just might have to put out Judy’s fire!]

Judy: Wait! I’m not done! Travis Barker and Jason Bateman. And as for the hotties, their parenting style doesn’t matter to me. I figure everyone in Hollywood has a swarm of nannies to do the grunt work anyway.

jason bateman

Stephanie: Originally I chose Guy Ritchie but that was before the divorce, and I didn’t choose him because I have a major crush on him, because I totally do not have a crush on him. I just thought it would be nice for him to know what it’s like to hold and feel and smooch a soft woman!

Jill: Brad Pitt.

[Editor’s note: What’s a hot dad list without Brad on it?]

Jill: He has always been so effortlessly sexy and versatile in his appeal through all his movie roles. Also, he’s with Angelina Jolie, a sex icon in my opinion, and is still mourned by Jennifer Aniston, who’s just plain beautiful. He has that big, loving heart to raise such a diverse family and give back to those in need, and he says that he’s the happiest he’s ever been. That’s just sexy in itself.

brad pitt

If one thing holds true, it’s that we Bettys have a wide variety of opinions and taste. We hope that some of our Betty’s Celebrity Dad Mistletoe Picks will spark a “Yeah, me too!” from you as well!

We’d also love to hear which celebrity dad hottie you’d most like to lip-lock under the mistletoe, so leave your comment down below!

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