Betty's First Annual Swimsuit Competition

this is betty's first annual swimsuit competition

Betty’s New Year’s Countdown

Betty’s First Annual Swimsuit Competition

Our favorite bathing boys of 2008

-Carrie Seim

Without further ado, Betty Confidential proudly presents our first annual swimsuit competition. Vote for your favorite 2008 bathing beauty by leaving a comment below!

And the nominees are…

1. Presidential Pin-Up Barack Obama.

barack obama

2. Muscular Merman Michael Phelps.

michael phelps

3. Beach Bum Beauty Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey

4. Abs-of-Steel Anchor Matt Lauer

matt lauer

5. Hairy, Scary Borat-channeling John Mayer

john mayer

Photo Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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0 thoughts on “Betty's First Annual Swimsuit Competition

  1. In favrotie order:
    Face AND body: Matt McConaughey.
    Talent, face, body but needs a diff suit & a haircut: John Mayer!
    Body only but not face-Phelps. Lauer: Good. Barack: Eh. Not how to vote?

  2. I wonder what our President-Elect will look like next summer. Hope he’ll have enough time for daily workouts in the White House.It’s the way he handles the stress he will certainly get.

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