Beware Of The Lime In Your Beer!

Lime can cause "beer dermatitis.”

Beware Of The Lime In Your Beer!

Lime can cause “beer dermatitis.”

-Jane Farrell

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If you drink a lot of beer on your next tropical vacation, you might come back with more than just a sunburn, experts say.

According to an article in the Archives of Dermatology, spray from a lime wedge (usually served with Mexican beer) can land on your skin and, if not wiped away, cause long-lasting skin discoloration. When a lime wedge is served with beer, usually Corona, it’s pushed into the bottle opening, where the drinker keeps it as he or she downs the beer.

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If you’re not careful, though, the lime and the beer will spray on to your skin, and unless you clean it very quickly, you’re liable to end up with discolorations that look like poison ivy or jellyfish stings. This is especially likely to happen, the article notes, “if the patient is shirtless by a beach or pool.” Bartenders who work outside are also vulnerable to the condition.

The culprit here: psoralen, a substance in lime that makes the skin more sensitive. Most cases will go away by themselves, the article’s author, Dr. Scott Flugman, of Huntington Hospital in New York, said, according to MSNBC. And there’s no known health hazard.

But if you want to avoid getting some yucky-looking spots, wash the affected area immediately, or at least put a towel over it until you can get out of the sun. (msnbc)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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