Bill Stubbs: Luxury on a Budget and Design No-Nos

Bill Stubbs offers tips on how to live in the lap of luxury while on a budget.
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Bill Stubbs: Luxury on a Budget and Design No-Nos

Host of PBS hit Moments of Luxury discusses travel, design and more with

-Francine Segan, food+home editor

Bill Stubbs

Francine Segan, Betty’s food+home editor, was recently invited onto Moments of Luxury, the PBS lifestyle hit that premiered in 2008, and got a chance to interview host Bill Stubbs. Stubbs is one of the world’s leading interior designers, named to the Architectural Digest‘s list of the 100 World’s Top Designers and Architects. He has worked around the world and has designed everything from a celeb’s summer home to the interior design of a large corporate jet.

Francine Segan: Everyone is on a budget right now. Please give us a few tips on how we can add luxury to our homes without breaking into our piggy banks.

Bill Stubbs: My description of luxury is Friday night with friends, laughing. As you can tell from that answer, I do not equate luxury with how much money a person has. Luxury, in the material sense, is about treating oneself.

At the Hualalai Four Season’s Resort in Hawaii, when you check into your suite, on the ledge around the bath tub sits a banana leaf with one piece of chocolate, one piece of dried pineapple, a candle and a match. This to me is a moment of luxury. Total cost of the candle and chocolate, two or three dollars.

FS: In your opinion what are some decorating no-nos?

BS: I don’t notice that many mistakes in peoples’ homes. People assume that I might be critical about the way they have decorated their house, but actually I pretty much like everyone’s house that I’ve seen. The single young man whose entire design scheme is based on one recliner, a big screen TV and his refrigerator from his dorm room filled with beer strikes me as a very simple and practical way to live.

When I see someone who has worked very hard with patterns and colors to create a magazine-looking room, the most common mistake is in scale and distribution of color and pattern.

It is often very hard for a decorating novice to imagine how the pattern of a large print or in reverse a small print, will look when it is extended onto an entire sofa or a window full of draperies.

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