BOO! Katy Perry Gets the Pants Scared Off of Her at the L.A. Haunted Hayride!

"Part of Me” singer Katy Perry helped inaugurate this year's Los Angeles Haunted Hayride at Sunday's VIP Premiere Night. Monsters and more inside!
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Chain link fence? She’s got this!:

Katy Perry chain link fence

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Guy with popcorn coming out of his head?… On second thought, we’ll let Erin Andrews deal with that one:

Erin Andrews haunted hayride

Stars like Derek Hough of Dancing With the Stars, Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale, and Ashley Madekwe of Revenge also came out to play. And for the curious: Yes, they all wore ponchos to protect them from the hayride’s flying gore. Because really, who wants to go home with grey matter splattered all over them?

In the L.A. area? Be sure to check out the haunt yourself! Now in its fourth year, the LA Haunted Hayride delights in scaring the pants off of unsuspecting victims. You see, there’s a history surrounding Griffith Park. While playing in the woods surrounding the Old Zoo (or so the story goes), the Clifton Twins discovered a strange playmate—a little boy named Aleister. The boy lived on his own, had no family, and could barely speak… but he preached a dark religion he had learned from the presence in the woods. Young Aleister gathered up his followers—including, of course, the Clifton family—until the day that all perished in a horrific church fire. Will Aleister and his followers return tonight to mark you as a witness?

The high-octane scarefest includes the hayride itself, the “In-Between” (a dark maze), and the “Purgatory” sideshow. For more info, check out the haunt’s website. And hey, you never know—maybe you’ll have a star-sighting of your own in addition to the ghosties, ghoulies, and long-legged beasties you’re sure to find at the haunt!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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