Britney Spears Goes Overboard on the Christmas Lights, Is Also Maybe Engaged

Britney's house is sure getting into the holiday spirit...

Britney Spears Goes Overboard on the Christmas Lights, Is Also Maybe Engaged

Britney’s house is sure getting into the holiday spirit… Also, did she get engaged to Jason Trawick?

-Lucia Peters


Wow. I guess Britney really digs holiday decorations, because… well, take a look for yourself:

Britney Spears holiday decorations

That’s Brit Brit’s San Fernando Valley mansion, as spotted by TMZ. And it is absolutely COVERED in Christmas lights.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I like holiday decorations just as much as the next girl, and I will freely admit that one of my favorite things to do come December is drive around the suburbs looking at pretty lights. But this… is excessive. And also tacky. And probably also ridonculously expensive—who wants to take bets on what Britney’s electrical bill will be like this month? Ah well. At least she can (probably) afford it.

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Also, I hate those gigantic snowman/Santa Claus things. These ones thankfully don’t seem to be of the blow-up variety—you know, the ones that wave creepily in the wind at you as you drive by—but still. I can’t help but worry that one day, they’ll get pissed off about being parked on someone’s lawn in all weather, become sentient, and lumber off to wreak havoc on their homeowner.

Anyhoo, in other Britney news, rumors are flying once again that she and boyfriend Jason Trawick are getting engaged, possibly as early as tonight. However, Britney is also saying that she won’t get married until all of these weird law suits that have popped up against her recently are settled. Either way, though, she’s made her house into a wacky winter wonderland, so at least she’s got a fantasy land to escape to.

Happy holidays!

UPDATE: Us Weekly is now reporting that Britney and Jason got engaged last night over dinner while celebrating Jason’s 40th birthday. Supposedly they’re celebrating their engagement tonight at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Planet Hollywood is, admittedly, not the place I’d necessarily choose to celebrate an engagement, but hey, whatever makes them happy! Britney, by the way, Tweeted this today:

Britney tweet

Proof positive? We shall see!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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