I'm Losing It: Busting Out of My Button Downs

this is an im losing it moment about button-down shirts

I’m Losing It…

Busting Out of My Button Downs

Just a quarter inch, that’s all I need!

-Megan Southwick

confused womanIn addition to the work that I do for Betty, I have a day job – which happens to be located in an office. Which means that I have to at least make an effort to look professional. You know, no walking around in my cleanest pair of lounge pants, even if they DO make my butt look cute.

So I have a few staples: black and gray suit pants, a couple of nice skirts. And then I try to mix it up with shirts and sweaters and other nice tops. Except for one article of clothing. It eludes me. It has for years, since high school. I have tried and tried to make it work. It does not work.

What is this article of clothing?

Only the ONE piece of clothing that EVERY professional should own: a really nice button-up shirt.

I don’t own a single one. Wait, I take that back. I have one that I will, on the rarest of occasions, wear under a sweater.

This is because no one, and I mean NO ONE, makes a shirt that will cover my boobs. And, look, I do not have massive stripper boobs. They aren’t bee-stings, but they aren’t outrageous by any means. I can buy a shirt two sizes too big, and it still will not close over my boobs. And if it does happen to close, there’s a gap between the buttons, so there is always the chance of a side-boob shot.

What is the problem with manufacturers just building in the TEENSIEST bit of extra space there? I swear, I only need a mere quarter of an inch and I’ll be fine. But nooo. For whatever reason, the shirts remain as they are, relegating me to a world without the button-up.

If I lose my job, I’m totally blaming it on the shirts.

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