Cancer Survivor Debbie Merle Designs Vibrant, Go-Anywhere Jewelry

Debbie Merle's story - and rainbow hued jewels - will inspire you!
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BC: How did you react when you were first diagnosed?

DM: The day that I was diagnosed with breast cancer was the most life changing moment for me ever. I was absolutely in shock and shaken to the core. I saw my mortality and it completely changed my perspective on my life. I realized just how precious life is and I wanted to begin making every single moment count. I had gone for what was supposed to be a routine mammogram, and it turned out to be a major life-changing event in every possible way!

debbie merle jewelry

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BC: How did designing help with the healing process?

DM: As I would create and design my jewelry, it would take the pain away both physically and emotionally. It put me into a happy zone. I found it to be very healing and soothing. Most of all, I discovered all of this unbelievable creative energy that I did not realize I had.

BC: What was the first thing you ever made?

DM: The first piece I ever made was this really funky long charm necklace with all different hearts and charms and different colored crystals. I look back to that first piece and though it was beautiful, I feel like I have come a long way, baby!

BC: What’s your design process like?

DM: I spend a lot of time searching everywhere for very unusual components. After I purchase them, I thoroughly examine and touch and study everything until I develop in my mind what the ultimate design should look like. I lay out all of the components and just get a feel for it. Then, I begin designing with no draft in front of me. It is a very liberating feeling when you do not follow any set draft or details and you can go with what is in your heart and soul.

BC: What’s the best thing about being a jewelry designer?

DM: A world class designer has a strong color sense, an eye for detail, a feeling of balance and a sensitivity to beauty. I also love having the freedom to create when the moment strikes me. Jewelry is a celebration that comes from within: It’s about connecting with nature and life around you and showing the world your own self expression.

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BC: How does your jewelry stand out from those already offered on the market today?

DM: My jewelry stands out because it is my personal expression. I have an intense amount of passion and positive energy that is part of who I am. No two people are alike, no two designers, and no two snowflakes are alike. So, when I am creating my designs, if it comes from my heart, it will be unique.

BC: What would you wear your pieces with?

DM: Well, I wear my pieces with anything and everything! I actually feel naked when I am not wearing my jewelry. My designs work well with everything from a casual jeans and boot look to a night on the town in a little black dress. You can mix and match –they look great with it all!

BC: Do you have a favorite one?

DM: I knew you would ask me this question. This is probably one of the toughest questions for me because I develop a very strong attachment with every single piece I design. They are truly all my favorites, so I might have to get back to you on this one!

BC: What was your proudest moment as a designer?

DM: My proudest moment as a designer has been launching my company this year and getting into the entire Nordstrom chain.

BC: Who do you most want to see wear your designs?

DM: I love seeing my designs on everyone because they work for every single age group. I love to see them on people who truly appreciate life and the positive things that come from the world around them.

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Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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