Capturing Elegance: The Stunning, Shimmering Jewelry of Suz Somersall

Suz Somersall's KiraKira Jewelry shimmers and shines with the elegance of a life lived to its fullest. Meet the designer in our exclusive interview!
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Gemma ring

The Gemma ring with a turquoise stone from KiraKira. Snag it in our exclusive flash sale!

BC: What was it about design that drew you to it?

SS: I’ve always loved creating! Even as a little girl, I would always be drawing and making things, including jewelry!

BC: Where do you find your inspiration?

SS: The environments around me, as well as history. I love looking at books about antique decorative arts, jewelry, fashion, and ancient architecture and patterns.

BC: Can you tell us a little about what your design process is like?

SS: Often I start with sketches; from there, I decide the best method to go about creating the first model of each piece.

Sakura hoops

Suz’s Sakura hoop earrings, inspired by her time living in Japan. Gorgeous!

BC: What do your designs mean to you?

SS: They are all memories of different places I have been, periods in my life, and objects or designs that have impacted me.

BC: That sounds wonderfully personal. Do you have a favorite item or design?

SS: Always what I am currently working on! I love the design process; I’m always making something new.

BC: Have you ever created something and ended up not liking it?

SS: Yes! It’s hard sometimes when I have an idea for something and it doesn’t come out as wearable as I had imagined it to be. It’s definitely a process of trial and error. I’ve learned a lot over the past five years about fabrication and the design process, so I take everything that happens as a learning experience!

BC: Final question: If you could have any celebrity, living or dead wear your stuff, who would it be?

SS: Gwyneth Paltrow! Love her!

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Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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