Catch BettyConfidential's Co-Founder and Kids on Oprah's OWN!

BettyConfidential's co-founder, Deborah Perry Piscione and her family are being profiled on 'Our America with Lisa Ling!'

Catch BettyConfidential’s Co-Founder and Kids on Oprah’s OWN!

BettyConfidential’s co-founder, Deborah Perry Piscione and her family are being profiled on ‘Our America with Lisa Ling!’

-The Betty Editors

Deborah family

We write a lot about the various goings-on in the television world here at BettyConfidential but this is something we’re really excited about.

Our co-founder and CEO, Deborah Perry Piscione, has an awesome family. She and her husband Dino have three children: twin sons Drake and Dominick, and daughter Dayne Alexandria. Our America with Lisa Ling, a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network that examines aspects of American society that may be outside the mainstream, got wind of Drake and Dominick and asked to feature them in an episode. Why? In addition to their academic achievements, Drake is a tennis whiz and Dominick is a chess savant. (The kids and Lisa Ling, along with her crew, are pictured above.)

The episode with Drake and Dominick is entitled “Extreme Parenting,” and it will air on Sunday, November 27. OWN described the episode as follows: “There is nothing Americans are more passionate or conflicted about than how to raise our kids. From a ‘tiger mom’ to ‘pageant parents,’ to parents who opt for radical ‘un-schooling,’ Lisa Ling explores this hotly debated issue, and compares both the promise as well as the potentially harmful consequences of taking parenting to the extreme.” Expect to see a wide variety of parents and a wider variety of children.

To gear up for the episode, though, the twins were also featured in an article for the Daily Post. They asked if Deborah and Dino are  Amy Chua-style “tiger parents?” Not really, but as Deborah and Dino said, “We have tiger moments.”

Their focus is on “old-school” child-rearing, which involves providing rules and structure, wearing collared shirts to school, and always saying “please” and “thank you.” Said Deborah to the Post, “We wanted to show people that if you’re willing to put in the time, you can raise exceptional children.”

Tune in to Our America with Lisa Ling on OWN on Sunday, November 27 at 10 pm to see the “Extreme Parenting” episode. You know we’ll all be watching!

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  1. Please, please tell me that the wife is not BEHIND the husband, because if she if, you dont have to say another word as to their relationship, family status and structure? Glad it works for them.

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