Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks: John Hughes, Steven Tyler, Brad Pitt and more

Ferris Bueller director dies, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler hospitalized, Brad Pitt opens up about love, Jessica Simpson addresses body issues, and more
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Brad Pitt: Angie is my soul mate

Brad PittThough Brad Pitt has caught a lot of crap for refusing to marry longtime partner-in-crime Angelina Jolie, critics should take note of why he has chosen to technically remain “single.”

The Inglorious Bastards star gave a very candid interview in this week’s copy of PARADE, in which he spoke about becoming a father, smoking pot and gay marriage.

“I have love in my life, a soul mate-absolutely,” Pitt said. “When someone asked me why Angie and I don’t get married, I replied, ‘Maybe we’ll get married when it’s legal for everyone else.’ I stand by that, although I took a lot of flak for saying it–hate mail from religious groups. I believe everyone should have the same rights. They say gay marriage ruins families and hurts kids. Well, I’ve had the privilege of seeing my gay friends being parents and watching their kids grow up in a loving environment.”

When asked what his reaction would be if one of his children turned out to be homosexual, Brad calmly stated – “Would it bother me if a child of mine turns out to be gay? No, not one bit. Listen, I want my kids to live the lives they want to live. I want them to be fulfilled. I hope I teach my kids to be who they really are.”

While the 45-year-old can typically be seen out and about with his brood, he also makes plenty of time for Angie. The couple has a secret stone grotto tucked behind a waterfall in the family’s pool, which the star says is a “great place for sex.” Now that’s hot! (Parade.com)

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  1. Hope Steven Tyler is okay, while I don’t really like Brad and Angelina I do respect their take on marriage and last but not least Jillian should have picked either Reid or Kipton

  2. I hope Steven Tyler is OK, too. As for Brad Pitt – he never had a problem with marriage until Angelina came along. I think gay people should be allowed to marry, too; I just think Brad Pitt trying to sound so righteous when he cheated on his wife is a little over the top.

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