Celeb Gossip: Top Picks: Taylor Lautner, Michael Jackson, Jenny Sanford and more

Second "New Moon" trailer hits the 'net, Michael Jackson burial plans revealed, Jenny Sanford gets candid, and more.
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Jenny Sanford gets candid

Jenny SanfordPolitical wife Jenny Sanford is no longer curious about her husband’s Argentinean mistress, as she has done what any woman with an Internet connection would do — she Googled her.

In the September issue of Vogue, Gov. Mark Sanford‘s heartbroken spouse gives a candid account of being forced to watch her hubby’s fascination with his mistress materialize before her very eyes.

“He was just obsessed with going to see this woman,” Jenny told the publication. “I have learned that these affairs are almost like an addiction to alcohol or pornography; they just can’t seem to break away from them.”

What’s amazing is that she is actually able to have compassion for María Belén Chapur (the object of Mark’s affection). She feels that the divorced mother of two is most likely a decent person who has simply made poor choices, and therefore Jenny has been praying for her. Pretty selfless eh?

Sanford’s wife also believes that politics played a part in the affair due to the power trip that comes with elected office.

“Politicians become disconnected from the way everyone else lives in the world,” she said. “I saw that from the very beginning. They’ll say they need something, and 10 people want to give it to them. It’s an ego boost, and it’s easy to drink your own Kool-Aid.”

And Mr. Sanford has certainly done a fine job of choosing his own poison. (New York Post)

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