Celeb Hair Color Showdown: Emma Stone + 11 More Stars' Natural vs. Dyed Shades

Do you prefer Emma Stone as a blonde or a redhead? Ashley Tisdale as a brunette or a blonde? We pit these celebs' natural hair colors against their dyed ones to find out!
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7. Olivia Wilde: Brunette vs. Blonde

Olivia Wilde brunette Olivia Wilde blonde

Olivia Wilde lightened her brown locks in the spring. Is she better of blonde? You tell us!

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8. Nicole Kidman: Blonde vs. Red

Nicole Kidman blonde Nicole Kidman red

Nicole Kidman’s hair color has changed so many times that we’re not entirely sure that the blonde shade it is now is her natural one, though as far as we know, she is a natural blonde. Circa Moulin Rouge, though, she went way, way red. I kind of like her with the red, though that may just be because her current shade of blonde looks pretty fake.

9. Rachel McAdams: Brunette vs. Blonde

Rachel McAdams brunette Rachel McAdams blonde

To be fair, we could also include a shot of Rachel as a redhead here, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s keep it between the brunette and the blonde shades for now. According to Craig Moir, Rachel’s colorist at Toronto’s Salon Dew, the actress’ locks are naturally brown, though she likes to experiment a lot (hence the occasional blonde appearances). Somehow, she manages to pull all of them off. She sure lucked out in the gene lottery!

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