Celeb Photo of the Day: Katherine Heigl, Why So Gray?

Katherine Heigl wasn't looking like herself yesterday in NYC.

Celeb Photo of the Day: Katherine Heigl, Why So Gray?

Katherine Heigl wasn’t looking like herself yesterday in NYC.

-Faye Brennan

Katherine Heigl

If Katherine Heigl doesn’t have a stylist, she should hire one (we hear Rachel Zoe’s former assistant may be available now). The star of Life As We Know It has so much potential to be a Hollywood fashionista — did you see her in The Ugly Truth? She looked great in that movie, and the costume designer, Betsy Heimann, dressed her extremely well.

But, we can’t say the same about this ensemble Heigl was wearing yesterday in Midtown Manhattan. What’s with all of the gray? It’s an on-trend color, sure, but it’s best when paired with bright pops of color! The way Heigl is wearing it is just too matchy-matchy for our taste.

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And besides that, Heigl doesn’t even look like herself — she has her freshly dyed roots up in a Snooki pouf, and her boobs are pushed up and out of her dress like Victoria Beckham. This isn’t the Katherine Heigl we’re familiar with, and we wish she’d just find her own personal style already and stick with it. Not only does she look uncomfortable, but we feel uncomfortable just looking at her.

Brad Goreski, we think we’ve found your first big break!

Tell us: what do you think of Katherine Heigl’s outfit?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Celeb Photo of the Day: Katherine Heigl, Why So Gray?

  1. tired66 says:

    Heigle looks great!!She is tall and ca wear this.Just jealous little shote fat people can’t!!!

  2. weetziebat says:

    I like the outfit – not so crazy about the boobs being pushed up. She wore a gray sweater when she was going into the Letterman studio, so it must be her new color!

  3. nycblonde says:

    Hate the outfit. She looks like an extra from a Star Trek episode.

  4. IamAlana says:

    I “LOVE” the Gray outfit myself! Kudos to you Ms Katherine for being bold enough to wear it! :-)

  5. dragons says:

    I agree about the boobage. The outfit – like the style and it suits her, but there should be a pop of color. Gray isn’t her most flattering color.

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