Celeb Recovery: What Lindsay Needs to Do Now

Getting healthy isn't easy.

Celeb Recovery: What Lindsay Needs to Do Now

Getting healthy isn’t easy.

-Jane Farrell

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is done with jail, but she’s facing an even tougher term now: 90 days in rehab for treatment of addiction. And if she really wants to get her physical and emotional health together, she’ll have to start living a life that’s very different from the one she’s known.

According to the website RadarOnline, Lindsay will be going through rehab at UCLA.

Robert Lindsey, the president and CEO of the National Council on Alcoholism, told the news website spreadit that the most important thing Lohan can do is to change her post-rehab environment to avoid people and places that might lead her to go back to her substance abuse. In other words, she’ll have to cut off friends as well as steer clear of places like clubs.

“Anybody who’s living with active alcoholism and addiction has to do a number of specific things to begin the process of recovery,” Lindsey continued.

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In general, the process includes an intake session, where a client is questioned about their substance abuse. For her residential treatment, Lindsay will likely go through intensive individual, family and group counseling. Clients with this kind of treatment live in a structured environment where there’s not much down time.

Once Lindsay, or any client, leaves the inpatient program, follow-up care is important to help avoid any risk of relapse.

There’s no doubt that entering rehab is one of the most important events in the celebrity’s life. But Robert Lindsey told spreadi t: “Without question, Lindsay can recover.”

Once Lindsay leaves rehab, she’ll stay on probation for a year and be randomly tested for drugs. (RadarOnline, spreadit)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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