Celeb Trend: Yellow Takes Center Stage!

Yellow isn't mellow anymore. This brilliant hue is in the spotlight.
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Celeb Trend: Yellow Takes Center Stage!

Yellow isn’t mellow anymore. This brilliant hue is in the spotlight.

-PJ Gach

Rachel Zoe

Are the stars (and you) bored with the neutral trend? Rachel Zoe, Jessica Simpson, Joy Bryant and of course SJP are glamming it up in yellow. Want to rock the color? Tawny skin tones look great in dark golden yellow hues like honey or caramel. Lighter skin with blue undertones can carry warm yellow shades. Olive skin should stay away from acidic-yellows and pale skin with warm undertones look ravishing in yellow with a hint of peach.

Read on for our ten favorite dresses for day and night.

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0 thoughts on “Celeb Trend: Yellow Takes Center Stage!

  1. booksorclothes says:

    I love yellow, it’s such a happy color. Rachel Zoe needs to wear more draped clothing, makes her look like she has a shape!

  2. hope_xo says:

    Love the yellow trend. Bright and fun!

  3. girleegirl says:

    Loves it … i need some yellow couture!

  4. FBNYC says:

    Yellow looks so amazing with a tan.

  5. danggirl says:

    I look sickly in yellow…

  6. lemoned says:

    Yellow can be tough to wear, but when you get it right, it is just so cheerful!

  7. shopaholic says:

    It all depends on the shade. I can wear very pale yellow, anything else, and I look like I’m contagious!!

  8. jessica03 says:

    i used to hate yellow, but i’m starting to love it. bright yellow is ugly on me, but pastel yellow is cute.

  9. matzsmith says:

    It’s a pretty dress that doesn’t fit the model too well.

  10. shamrockblonde says:

    it’s not good for me, but if it compliments your skin tone, then it is a fun color to wear –

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