Celeb Workout: Kettlebells

Get a hot, toned physique with these fabulous weights!
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Celeb Workout: Kettlebells

Get a hot, toned physique with these fabulous weights!

-Faye Brennan

Kim Cattrall

These aren’t the kind of bells that ring, but your phone definitely will be buzzing after incorporating them into your workout. Celebs like Kim Cattrall, Katherine Heigl, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez have used kettlebells—round cast-iron weights with an attached handle—to achieve their toned and lean physiques. Start swinging yours, and you could see the same results, whether you’re a beginner or a fitness junkie.

As former stock broker turned kettlebell expert Sarah Lurie says in her new book, Kettlebells For Dummies (For Dummies, 2010), “exercising with them combines strength training and cardio training into one workout.”

There are three basic kettlebell moves that are the foundation to any routine. Known as “swings,” these three moves, writes Lurie, are “powerful, dynamic exercises that require you to control the kettlebell through the acceleration and deceleration of the movement.” They are a great cardio workout to help you burn fat in your waist and butt – the toughest areas.

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It’s important to stretch and warm-up properly before starting any kettlebell routine. And, it’s crucial that you use a kettlebell with the right weight for you. Lurie writes about it in her book, or you can ask an experienced personal trainer to help you. Once you’re ready to swing away, try this workout, resting only 10-20 seconds between each set:

Set 1: 10 two-arm swings
Set 2: 10 left-arm swings followed by 10 right-arm swings
Set 3: 10 alternating swings
Set 4: 5 left-arm swings followed by 5 right-arm swings
Set 5: 5 two-arm swings

Here, instructions for each swing:

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