"Celebrity's” Dog Kills Another Animal

Such a productive day for Samantha Ronson.
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For true dog lovers, this is not a problem. As for Sammy, though, Mean Betty imagines it must have been very hard for her to squeeze in some obedience sessions, what with her extremely important tasks of visiting Lohan in prison, deciding which acrylic beanie she’ll wear next, and lighting cigarettes while striding to cars.

Oh, and “dj-ing.” That last, kittens, means that the Ronson girl plays records while coked-up, overpaid, underdressed people “dance”- i.e. stagger around the floor. A higher calling, indeed! Who would have time for a mere dog amid all that significance?

So Tiger the Maltese dog is dead, Cadillac remains in Sammy’s apartment, and no one knows what happens next. The local animal-welfare people will presumably investigate, and perhaps Cadillac will be taken away to be euthanized. In cases like these, poppets, animals seem to have a higher level of responsibility than their owners.

And the day after all that happens? Mean Betty imagines that Sam will once again be at her “turntables,” doing what she does best—catering to people like herself, who can’t be bothered thinking about anyone but themselves, and certainly not about a mere animal.

Mean Betty congratulates the Ronson girl on living an extremely meaningful life.


Mean Betty

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6 thoughts on “"Celebrity's” Dog Kills Another Animal

  1. I think we judge too quickly. It is very tragic and Sam Ronson could very well be heartbroken about what will likely be done with her dog. It’s also very sad what happened to poor Tiger the Maltese dog who would have never stood a chance against a bulldog. I’ve never heard of bulldogs being aggressive like that so I wonder what happened. But as much as I am a huge animal lover, and I know people are going to hate me for saying this, there is at least 1 bad breed of dog and that’s the pit bull. Many pit bulls can be wonderful members of the family their entire lives, but as a breed they are known to get dementia and not only attack others, but turn on their owners as they get older because of the dementia. I really don’t think they are a dog that is suitable for a family.

  2. I am a huge animal lover too and I agree with Mean Betty that it’s the owner’s responsibility. I’ve seen aggressive pit bulls & very docile ones. How they are raised all goes back to the owner. Sometimes the “breeder” is the one with the problem because they get aggressive as tiny pups if they are treated poorly. I knew someone who got one and it was only about 10-12 weeks old. The dog had been eating narcotics. I think if an owner is responsible, they can be great dogs. They just have to be VERY aware of what they are dealing with. I have heard of bulldogs being aggressive when taught to be that way. They are part of the same family of dogs as pits also so maybe they suffer from that same fate. I feel bad for that dog and the one that died. They are both have both suffered at the ignorance of a bad owner and will both pay the price and she’ll go back to her regular life. Probably getting herself a new dog too!

  3. Well, the latest news is that Sam had the dog shipped to her family on the East Coast. I hope she shipped him under humane circumstances, and I hope somebody in her family takes the time to interact with him. I’m not sure if he should be put down, but I know Ronson should answer for this in some way.

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