Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

Here's how we imagine Johnny Depp, Tom Brady and other famous fellas measure up in the sex department.
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Taylor Lautner – Baby I’d Like to Bite.

Taylor Lautner

On the subject of werewolves, I admit wholeheartedly to being a dirty cougar. I just can’t get enough of that jailbait Taylor Lautner (Jacob in Twilight: Eclipse). But guess what? He’s 18 now, so bring him over because Jacob is legal! This guy just looks like he would be fun to seduce. He seems so innocent and eager to please. Let’s face it. Younger guys may not do it well, or for a long time, but they can do it often! Thirtieth time…er third time is the charm right? C’mon, bite me, wolf boy!

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12 thoughts on “Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

  1. shopaholic says:

    Joe Manganiello looks awesome naked in True Blood.

  2. Yay heels says:

    Jonathon Rhys Meyers….oh those eyes, those lips….whew

  3. Yay heels says:

    Jonathon Rhys Meyers….oh those eyes, those lips….whew

  4. Fashionista says:

    I could defintiely see Mark Salling and Tom Brady being A++ in the bedroom.

  5. sugarpie says:

    Somehow I can just see all these guys not caring about anything but their own orgasm. I can’t believe they care about their partner’s enjoyment – everything about their lives is self-centered.

  6. uptowngirl says:

    JRM is probably great…but what if they’re all selfish?

  7. CityLady212 says:

    None of them are selfish! They aim to please– trust me.

  8. phantomspots says:

    Joe Manganiello is sex on a stick, or considering his size (hur hur), a giant sequoia. Remembering him clean cut on One Tree Hill, I *gaspshock* actually like him better with a beard. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Sookie hears Alcide’s thoughts all growly. Rawr!!

  9. Pammy 333 says:

    I love “TrueBlood”, and several of the men on there give me very noteworthy dreams! Move over Sookie, you already got Bill!!

  10. Lynnie808 says:

    Jonathan Rhys Myers…sigh…he just makes me feel like I wanna get dirty!!!

  11. shaleeee says:

    I only agree with Joe Manganiello, OMG….those abs…..yummy

  12. Janatheauthoress19 says:

    Taylor Lautner can lick and imprint all over my body anytime he wants to!!! That fantasy with Mark Salling would be perfect, especially with my new bed!

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