Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

Here's how we imagine Johnny Depp, Tom Brady and other famous fellas measure up in the sex department.
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Mark Salling – Quick and Easy Rider.

Mark Salling

Do you like fresh meat? Then meet Mark Salling, one of the hot new boys in Hollywood. He plays Puck on Glee (and makes his own music). On the show he plays a delicious lothario. As a pool boy he sleeps with his classmates’ mothers, he knocked up the head cheerleader, and he still is in the market for more. There is just something about all that sleeping around that makes it so easy to imagine him taking me.

This is a guy who will invest in the time. The candles will be lit. The champagne will be chilled. The sheets will be soft, and the lighting will be right. He would definitely create a perfect seduction leading up to the main event. Afterwards would be like a race to see who can get their pants on first and out the door. Thanks Mark. That was great!

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12 thoughts on “Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

  1. Somehow I can just see all these guys not caring about anything but their own orgasm. I can’t believe they care about their partner’s enjoyment – everything about their lives is self-centered.

  2. Joe Manganiello is sex on a stick, or considering his size (hur hur), a giant sequoia. Remembering him clean cut on One Tree Hill, I *gaspshock* actually like him better with a beard. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Sookie hears Alcide’s thoughts all growly. Rawr!!

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