Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

Here's how we imagine Johnny Depp, Tom Brady and other famous fellas measure up in the sex department.
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Bad to the Bone-er

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Like ‘em a little dirty? Me too. Think Johnny Depp in his night-clubbing single days. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) is the one who appears a bit cleancut, but underneath, you just know the sex would be nasty! Meyers has been in a dozen or more movies. He is perfect to take up the bad boy mantel passed on by Monsieur Depp or even Colin Farrell. The setting is a hotel room of course. Fresh linen, but that’s about it. This is going to be fast and furious. A tug at some clothes and hopefully we will be completely undressed within moments. And of course, he is going to finish and light up a cigarette before you realize you are even on your back. What a dog. Woof.

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12 thoughts on “Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

  1. Somehow I can just see all these guys not caring about anything but their own orgasm. I can’t believe they care about their partner’s enjoyment – everything about their lives is self-centered.

  2. Joe Manganiello is sex on a stick, or considering his size (hur hur), a giant sequoia. Remembering him clean cut on One Tree Hill, I *gaspshock* actually like him better with a beard. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Sookie hears Alcide’s thoughts all growly. Rawr!!

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