Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

Here's how we imagine Johnny Depp, Tom Brady and other famous fellas measure up in the sex department.
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Tom Brady – Menage a trois?

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Think a bad boy can’t be tamed? I give you Tom Brady. At one point he seemed to be the Derek Jeter of football. He knocked up Bridget Moynahan and then dumped her for Gisele Bundchen, whom he married. Tom makes millions to play the game and pitch products. But he is also a doting dad with a six pack and a tight tush. The scene would play out back at his place. A tour of a sprawling mansion, complete with a gander at all his trophies and awards. It’s all about him. “Oh yes Tom,” you will say with a grin. Eventually things will end in his bedroom. Light kisses, hands will wander, and slowly we can ease up to the bed. Just as things get interesting…Gisele will walk in. Who am I to deny his fantasy? Besides, she is pretty hot! Lay down next to me, Gisele, let what’s-his-name watch for a bit.

J. Travis has written for Cosmopolitan, Surface and other magazines & newspapers across the country. J will complete a Masters of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia University this Fall.

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12 thoughts on “Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

  1. Somehow I can just see all these guys not caring about anything but their own orgasm. I can’t believe they care about their partner’s enjoyment – everything about their lives is self-centered.

  2. Joe Manganiello is sex on a stick, or considering his size (hur hur), a giant sequoia. Remembering him clean cut on One Tree Hill, I *gaspshock* actually like him better with a beard. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Sookie hears Alcide’s thoughts all growly. Rawr!!

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