Celebs Eat Vegetables. You Should, Too!

Drop some weight and look great.

Celebs Eat Vegetables. You Should, Too!

 Drop some weight and look great.

-Jane Farrell

 Sammi Giancola

What do Drew Carey and Jersey Shore’s Sammi have in common? They’ve both dropped some serious pounds (Drew lost 70 and Sammi got rid of 15)—and they both eat lots of veggies.

Despite fad diets like the Master Cleanse (which Demi Moore stopped after a few days) and Jennifer Aniston’s baby-food diet (gross), the best way to lose weight is still to eat better and to exercise more. Both Sammi and Drew say that they make vegetables a big part of their diet. And while vegetables are fabulous for your health, most of us find them tasteless and boring. (Steamed broccoli, anyone)?

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According to Yahoo!, though, nutritionist Joy Bauer offers some unique ways to make these essential foods more appealing. Among them:

*Change up your breakfast menu. Have whole grain toast topped with low-fat cream cheese, tomato and cucumber.
*Instead of mayo, use mashed avocado or hummus on sandwiches.
*Add a handful of frozen veggies to a bowl of lentil, black bean or minestrone soup. Add them, straight from the bag, before you cook the soup.
*Make mashed potatoes using half the potatoes recommended; the rest can be steamed, mashed cauliflower.
*Eat cottage cheese using bell pepper scoops rather than a spoon.

Other suggestions from Bauer can be found here. (Yahoo! Health)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. The first time I had to start cooking for myself, I just added vegetables to any pastas. So I would make spaghetti and add peas and carrots to the sauce. I did the same with fettucine alfredo. I makes it a lot easier and the sauce a lot thicker.

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