Charlie Sheen, Part-Time Prisoner?

Well this is some BS if we've ever heard it!

Charlie Sheen, Part-Time Prisoner?

Well this is some BS if we’ve ever heard it!

-Carolyn French

Charlie Sheen

To our great disappointment TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen has been given the opportunity to spend 30 nights – not days – behind bars.

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According to a jail official the Two and a Half Men star can apply for work release, which would entail him “slaving away” at a job in Aspen during the day and returning to his drafty cell after the sun goes down.

On Monday Charlie is to stand before a judge in order to plea bargain his case. And, if both the judge and the Sheriff feel the actor is eligible for work release he will be granted a daytime pass.

Sheen has decided to plead no contest to 3rd degree misdemeanor assault. On the off chance that he manages to keep his nose clean (pun intended) he is only looking at 17 days in jail.

So what have we learned today, boys and girls? That it’s merely frowned upon to smack a woman if you’re a celebrity. (TMZ)

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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