Chatting With Lea Black: "I'm My Own Favorite Housewife!"

Recap of today's live chat with Real Housewife of Miami's Lea Black on BettyConfidential's Facebook page!

Chatting With Lea Black: “I’m My Own Favorite Housewife!”

Recap of today’s live chat with Real Housewife of Miami’s Lea Black on our Facebook page!

-The Betty Editors

Lea Black

We know you’ve been watching and loving Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami. We were thrilled to have Lea Black participate in a live chat on BettyConfidential’s Facebook wall. In case you came in late to the party, here are some highlights from our conversation. To make it easier to read, we’re putting Lea’s answers right after the questions, though in the chat things were a little crazier! To read it in its entirety, please visit our Facebook wall

BettyConfidential: Hey Lea! Welcome to Betty! We’re so excited to have you!

Lea Black: Hi everyone. It’s Lea Black!

Sarah Joy G: Lea, Can you tell us a little bit about your consequences foundation?

Lea Black: For the last 17 years, I’ve been doing whatever I can in my own small way to help kids stay out of jail and in school … go to our site and you’ll get a sense of how we raise money to help the kids.

Genevieve C: Lea, you’re my fave! What is your favorite thing about Miami? How long have you lived there?

Lea Black: I’ve been in Miami since the mid 1980s. My favorite thing about it is everything except the mosquitoes!

Kacy S: Hi Lea! What do you think is the most positive thing that has come from the show?

Lea Black: Kacy – interacting with the fans is near the top of the list!

Kacy S: And who is your favorite fellow housewife?

Lea Black: My favorite housewife is of course myself! Is that a trick question?

Diana Heather: Hi Lea! Just wanted to say hi! I’m the Chief Mom at Totsy (private sales site for kids and moms) and just wanted to say Hi! I shot an episode for Bravo’s new show Pregnant in Heels this summer and had so much fun. Do you have fun shooting RHW?

Lea Black: I wore six inch stilettos the night before I had my son. You go for it girl!

Shadi D: Lea, you are my favorite housewife of all time! Will you be coming to NYC anytime soon? Do you watch the other housewives series? If so, which is your favorite city to watch?

Lea Black: Shadi – I’ll be in NY for Watch What Happens Live – The Reunion Show – next Tuesday night. Tune in! Loved Beverly Hills Housewives!

Carolyn F: Do you ever regret being on the show? And what is it like to be filmed?

Lea Black:  I had a few “cringe” moments…I try not to pay attention to the cameras (lesson learned!) haha.

Faye B: Hi Lea! Love watching you! I was wondering, is there anything you wish you hadn’t said on TV? What’s it like watching yourself in the episodes?

Brittany Roshelle D: What’s your all-time favorite fashion brand?!

Lea Black: Faye, if I started making the list of things I shouldn’t have said, I’d run out of time! haha. I try not to watch myself – I get too nervous. Brittany, Hermes for bags. DVF for dresses and any fabulous jewelry. Stay tuned for my upcoming jewelry line!

Genevieve C: Do you think you are being portrayed true to who you really are on the show?

Lea Black: I think my character is much more multi dimensional than what was able to be captured in 6 and 1/2 weeks.

Patricia B: ‎Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away today. Did you have a favorite Liz Taylor movie? If so, and why?

Lea Black: Patricia, I just can’t pick one. She was a world class superstar on the screen and in her heart.

Gina Mari L: Lea, if you could have one person attend your gala this year who would it be?

Lea Black: Gina, the President! Because I know he is a big supporter of the underdogs and big on reform. Lea, for our curious readers … How hard is it to “break into” Miami society?

Lea Black: Hello! Anyone can crash a party??? Duh!

 There’s so much more! To read the entire chat, please visit BettyConfidential’s Facebook page and don’t forget to “like” us.

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