Cocktail Inspired Nailtini Bar Opens at Kalologie Medspa LA

Not only will you get a fab Nailtini manicure, you'll get fab nail care tips too!

Cocktail Inspired Nailtini Bar Opens at Kalologie Medspa LA

Not only will you get a fab Nailtini manicure, you’ll get fab nail care tips too!

-Heather Taylor

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Time to pop the bubbly for some top-shelf nail cocktails! Cocktail inspired cosmetics line Tini Beauty celebrated the opening of nail polish line Nailtini’s very own mani ‘n pedi bar at Kalologie Medspa in Los Angeles.

Deep dark confession time: I bite my fingernails. Going into manicure shops always makes me feel nervous because my nails are so short and generally aren’t polished, not like these carefully maintained works of art I seem to see on everyone else’s hands. So what’s a girl to do to make her short nails look dazzling for the holiday season?

“Start horizontal when you apply your polish,” said nail artist Elsbeth Schuetz who has worked her magic with stars like Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson, “Going vertical makes the nails chip more because there is extra polish at the end. Begin with a base coat polish, and then follow it up with a nail lacquer with one to two coats. Wait until it dries and then add a top coat for protection.”

I felt way better after getting that explanation and knew I was in good hands (No pun intended, Kalologie is named by Elle magazine as LA’s Best Skin Care Destination!) Going with a glam theme, I decided I wanted a starry night on my nails with silver and gold. Elsbeth skipped the base coat which would be too dark in favor of two nail lacquers, the first in Caviar Cocktail which is shimmering gunmetal gray and the second in On The Rocks, loaded with silver glitter. She added tiny golden star decals (perf!) to set against my glittering nails, and then finished it all off with a top coat of Dry Gin. Voila! All of a sudden, my fingernails were lookin’ glam and in no more than 20 minutes! It was the best (nail) cocktail I’d ever had!

“To quote Elsbeth on this one, nails are an accessory. If you are at an event without your nails done, you are not done!” Tini Beauty founder Michelle Toma Olson said.

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So yes, not only do nail cocktails exist but there is an entire bar menu of ‘em. Some of the shades on the menu included Brandy, Bloody Mary, Champagne, and Mai Tai. “I named all of the colors after drinks because nails are just like cocktails: you have to mix them just right!” Michelle dished on the Nailtini line’s unique namesake.

In addition to the launch of the Nailtini bar, the evening also featured the exclusive launch of Hollywood makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz’s limited edition “Red Carpet Glamour” lipstick collection for Liptini. As a girl who loves her red lipstick and never leaves home without it, I was immediately at ease with Terri’s line of fab matte shades.

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A first-time collaborator with Liptini, Terri Apanasewicz is used to working with celebs like Cindy Crawford and perfecting their million dollar pouts. Her collection comes in five different shades from sweet pinks like Flirtini and Tickled Pink to sexy reds in Glamour Girl, Vampire Kiss, and my personal fave Starlet Cocktail, which is red but with a touch of raspberry, leaving my lips filled with intense crimson color- I loved it!

For more information on how you can start trying your hand at cocktailing for lips and nails, visit Tin Beauty online. Want to schedule an appointment at Kalologie? Check them out here.

Heather Taylor is BettyConfidential’s LA correspondent.

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