College Guys Want a Male Pill!

'Her Campus' uncovers exactly how a college guy's mind works when it comes to sex.

College Guys Want a Male Pill!

‘Her Campus’ uncovers exactly how a college guy’s mind works when it comes to sex.

 -Kenneth Thapoung

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The ability to perfectly analyze the male psyche has eluded women for centuries, until now. Her Campus, an online magazine for college women with more than 130 branches across the country, surveyed 1,176 guys between the ages of 18-23 from 350 colleges to dig into the minds of college guys.

“This survey, and the sometimes surprising results help better educate our audience on how to deal with romantic and sexual situations in college,” stated Stephanie Kaplan, Her Campus co-founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief.

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So what did Stephanie and her team discover?

It turns out that 64.7 percent of the men surveyed said they’d take a “male pill” as an alternative form of birth control from condoms. However, the percentage drops to 58.1 percent when guys are in a monogamous relationship. Turns out that 64.1 percent of those guys rely on their partner taking the pill for birth control.

Want to learn more? You can click here to read all the results of their study.

Kenneth Thapoung is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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