Coping with the Holidays: Cheer or Fear?

Coping with the holidays.

Handling Holidays

Why I’m a Scrooge

Coping with the Holidays

-Cate Thompson

coping with the holidaysThere is nothing more thrilling to a child than waking up Christmas morning to dive under the tree and see what presents Santa delivered during the night while Dad grumbles in the background that it’s too early, go back to bed, keep the noise down, damn kid. Needless to say, my father was not at all disappointed when I reached the age where I no longer looked upon Christmas as a youngster. He would have been happy to forget the holidays entirely!

It is no surprise that I adopted my father’s distaste for the holidays but the obligatory years of visiting relatives, shopping for gifts and eating a traditional turkey or chicken dinner (I’m a vegetarian) with relatives I rarely see have now come to an end. The option to take part is still available but I’ve had my fill for now. No seconds for me.

However, there are many of you who are gearing up for the next month and a half, grudgingly going through the motions and wondering where you are going to get the strength. With all the pressures placed on the average family to uphold, it’s no wonder people are pushed emotionally, physically and monetarily to the brink this time of year. The responsibilities that come from every direction, the escalating cost of gifts, decorations, party and/or travel planning, these are a few of my favorite things. NOT!

Some of you might be fighting fits of anxiety with sweaty palms anticipating the dinner table conversation with a critical parent, the impending arguments with siblings, the kindly matriarch or patriarch who repeatedly tells the same tale every year, and the snobby first cousins from New York City who feel they are doing everyone else a favor by simply showing up because they give a touch of class to your little soirée. I feel for you. I really do. But I certainly don’t envy you.

It sure seems that the “good ole days” of celebrating a simplistic Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate are over. It’s a long haul from now until January. I hope you find time to relax periodically and enjoy yourself.

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